Love MY Neighbor

As a part of Fresh's Love MY Neighbor initiative, now through September 8th we are collecting $5 gift cards for the teachers at Lake Murray Elementary School. We will give the cards to the principal once they're all collected,  to be used to reward the teachers throughout the school year. You may give as many cards as you wish, from any place you think would help or bless a teacher, but please make them for only $5! There will be a collection box on the info table in the lobby each Sunday morning where you can drop your cards.


On Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. Fresh Church began meeting at Lake Murray Elementary School. The school, located at 1531 Three Dog Road in Chapin, SC, sits directly adjacent to the parcel of land which is the future forever home of Fresh Church. Fresh is excited about moving into our new neighborhood and looks forward to building a strong and lasting relationship with our new neighbors! 

Fresh Future Home

We are excited to announce that on May 28, 2019 Fresh Church finalized the purchase of 21 acres of land off Johnson Marina Road in Chapin, SC, adjacent to Lake Murray Elementary School. Fresh is now in the early planning stages for constructing a building, as we become familiar with our new neighborhood! If you would like to give to our land & building fund, click HERE for more information.


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